Diane’s words

I thought about the last words Diane wrote to me, when I went on a solo trip to Vermont in July, 2017. She wrote on a birthday card for me, in her shaky hand, "Ron, I love you. Thank you forever. I hope you are in good condition. And come home to me soon." Then… Continue reading Diane’s words

As Darkness Falls

— by Diane March 18, 2008 I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 11, 1939. Years later, I found my parents marriage license which had the year of their marriage as November 1939 but it was scratched out and over written with the year 1938. So my mother was an unmarried woman when she… Continue reading As Darkness Falls

Who We Were

— by Diane It was a time when we each believed ourselves to be exactly what we then were. He, more accomplished than I: having served in the army, parachuting out of airplanes, ex-high school football player, GI Bill college student, tall, maybe good looking, looking, lonely and horny-for the right girl-looking. Me: more worldly,verbal… Continue reading Who We Were

My Beginning

— by Diane My mother got pregnant with me after the death of her mother, three months before. The relationship between my father and my mother was probably based on my father's strong sexual attraction to my mother, and by her need to fill the empty space in her life when her mother, the last… Continue reading My Beginning