As Darkness Falls

by Diane

March 18, 2008

I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 11, 1939. Years later, I found my parents marriage license which had the year of their marriage as November 1939 but it was scratched out and over written with the year 1938. So my mother was an unmarried woman when she had me.

Later in my life I began to question my mother about her past, my father’s earlier life and recalling my earliest memories . She told me, my Uncle Barney (my father’s brother) came to take me home from the hospital. At that time , my father may have been in the a YCC, the Youth Conservation Camp in Northern Minnesota. For a while, Mother and I stayed at my grandmother’s place- a duplex in the southern section of the city. My uncle was still in high school, staying longer than the four years usually required to graduate. He was more interested in playing basketball than in studying. He also was involved with the Pillsbury Settlement House, playing sports there and attending its summer camp for children.

All the stories and my memories get mixed up. I can remember some of the events and other pieces of those earliest years from old photographs. My Dad hung with a bunch of guys from the Pill House and they caroused in the bars on Cedar Avenue. This section of town was

[Here ends the manuscript of Diane’s last writing. Her dementia progressed, and she stopped writing down her memories as the memories themselves faded.]

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