In early August I left home in my Roadtrek with my little dog Heidi for a trip into unknown geography at Holland Michigan. I planned to meet a friend at the state park there. We’d travel north together in our RVs and end up at Copper Harbor on the coast of Lake Superior. Our loose itinerary would take us to any interesting spot between there and Holland. I did not know the end date, other than some time before winter set in.

In past trips I have scheduled out routes, stops along the way, places to stay and see… lending an illusion of certainty to venturing into the unknown. This time, all I knew was that at some date in the future I would return home. The rest remained undefined.

Adding to the uncertainty, Heidi was being treated for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, needed to have a blood test every four weeks, and still took medicine every day. I planned to keep in touch with her veterinarian by phone and email, and have the blood test done by a vet close to wherever we happened to be at that time. I never knew about the leukemia until last January, when she was tested for the first time in the three years she’s been with me (I adopted her from an old recluse on my block who died in 2015). As far as anyone knows she could have had the condition for years. During all this time she never gave any sign of being sick.

So there we were, rolling west on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, trying to get out of the state and off the turnpike as fast as possible. We made Ohio by sundown, and headed for a rest area on the Ohio Turnpike with an RV lot.

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