I can’t remain silent here.

Trump and his minions, his thuggish followers, and his mindless adherents stir up ugly thoughts when I see their mob actions in the news.

One part of me wants to turns away and ignore them, to act as if this was not happening, and to focus on calm, pleasant thoughts and ideas. People I know are doing that, exhausted by the uncertainty and their anxiety over the possible outcome.

But you know how I love metaphors. Imagine an old woman, a venerable, dignified matriarch with a long, distinguished life behind her, who all the while has suffered from a chronic infection–a purulent abscess that has festered unseen for her entire life. It consumes her vital energy, has driven her near to death in more than one crisis, her life saved by heroic efforts and untold sacrifices by those who loved her. Countless thousands even gave up their lives to save her from the ravages of her disease.

In spite of their valiant efforts, her infection persisted even to this moment, breaking out from time to time as she wrestled with the nature of her illness. Again it has erupted to the surface, spreading its repulsive, bloody pus on her skin, seemingly everywhere and unstoppable. Her loyal family has no choice but to fight this menace with every means at their disposal. They must fight with hearts and minds united in unbreakable determination to save the life of their honored ancestor and preserve her traditions for their heirs. If they fail, their future will be disastrous.

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