Against the Wind

… happens to be the title of a favorite song of mine by Bob Seger. Relevance? Well, this is the slack time after finishing the umpty-umpth draft of my book and starting to flog it to agents, et al.

So I read through Writer’s Market, books about agents, books by agents, blogs by agents, emails from consultants who want me to pay them to learn how to flog my book, etc. Before I know it, I’ll have the world crowding into my book release…

Then I start to think about the thousands of writers who bought Writer’s Market and carefully implemented its proven strategy for success, taking the advice of the many sages promising best-sellers by diligently following their six-point plan. Thousands… will their efforts propel them above the half-million rank in Amazon?

It stirs up the rebel in me, the urge to say “Stuff it!” and go my own way. I remind myself that Robert Persig was rejected by 126 publishers before one of them took a long shot and accepted Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, still in print 46 years later. Why not?

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