Wanted: Readers

Everything is locked down, I don’t go anywhere to write about, nobody visits, and so on. Boring. True, but necessary, right?

What does that facilitate? Writing and editing. Been doing that. A lot.

Now, however, I’ve officially run out of writing and editing to do. It’s done. The book, a.k.a. Incorrigible, a.k.a. Mirror Lake, emerged from my final edit 14,000 words skinnier, focused, and flowing—at least I think so. What’s next? 

In my usual haphazard fashion, I opened a spreadsheet full of the names and info on literary agents. Started to look at it, and think. Cart. Horse. What comes next?

Beta readers. Not agents. Hmmph.

Anyone interested please message me on Twitter @ronenfield or submit a comment here. Thanks in advance. I promise an interesting read.

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