Healing Voices (1 of 2)

The New Jersey Theatre Alliance partners with several of its member theatres each year to produce Healing Voices: Caregivers’ Stories On Stage, a presentation of playwriting, poetry, and prose that portrays the experience of caregivers—people who devote their time, resources, energy, and love to care for others who suffer from debilitating illness. Often their experiences are not known or understood by outsiders without direct experience of the services they provide.

In the Healing Voices project, actors in each participating theatre bring the voices of caregivers to the stage, enabling audiences to reach a deeper understanding of what we go through as caregivers.

This year I submitted a short story I wrote based on my own experience, caring for my wife during her last six years as dementia overcame her and finally took her life. My story “Hands,” illustrates the interplay of memories and present life as a caregiver. My next post will include an excerpt from the story to show what I mean.

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