Snow sport

How many adrenaline sports can a man in his seventies engage in? Tennis? I barely know which end of a racket to hold. Whitewater kayaking? Maybe, when it’s springtime. Paintball? Come on. Skydiving? Right. If I keep my helmet on and don’t fall out of the chairlift, at worst I might break a leg skiing. That beats a pancake landing from a skydive.

Downhill skiing is an environmental villain. It uses tons of energy, lots of water when they make snow, and thousands upon thousands of pounds of CO2 emitted by the folks who drive to ski areas. Why would I keep doing it? It’s my guilty pleasure. I’ll have to stop doing it, I know.

And yes, there are too many people living in war zones like Syria and Yemen who spend every waking moment at the edge of catastrophe, depending on their adrenaline just to stay alive. My selfish musings do nothing for them. What can I do to help them? How about working to change the foreign policy of our government to end their nightmare?

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