On Writing

Everyone says Stephen King’s book On Writing is the best book about writing there is. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical. Why? Because I don’t especially like his horror books. They are fantastic, far-fetched, and the characters are a little on the comic book side. That said, it’s typical for the genre. And he does a good job of working in that genre.

On Writing starts out as a memoir. I’m working my way through that now. I haven’t got to the end of his life story yet, but his writing is fantastic. He’s had me laughing, crying, and marvelling at his storytelling ability. Truly, he is a master of his craft.

I have a few tales to tell about my own coming of age, but that can wait until I manage to sell at least one book. Before then I’m told, no one really cares.

I can’t wait to read what he is going to say about how to write. I can certainly use that after I’ve spent decades polishing my skills at putting readers to sleep.

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