Dash to Home

Once we cleared Pine Ridge, we wanted to go home by the shortest route. A planned route through Minnesota and Wisconsin to see old friends was scrapped. We did not want another breakdown on the road.

We took a quick side trip into Mitchell, South Dakota to pick up some cash at a credit union ATM, and while we were there, to stop at the Corn Palace, another stop on Mike and Jennifer’s route.


Next to the Corn Palace was a strange little place, a biblical museum of sorts, full of odd home-made exhibits by a local eccentric with limited knowledge of real history.


Among the oddities was a frontiersman’s horse, saddled and hung with a rifle—boasting an anachronistic banana clip.



After that last tourist attraction, nothing could deter us from home. We passed through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan into Ohio. We made a side trip there to stop at the farm where my great great grandfather was born, to give Lauren more connection to her roots.

The Peter Infield farm near Millersburg, OH. Now owned by an Amish family. Many of the buildings shown on an 1860 map are in this photo.


The original deed was signed by President Martin Van Buren.

peter infield deed


My great-great grandmother’s grave.


Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania passed in a blur of turnpike miles, and voila! our trip ended.


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