Southern California

It’s been very comforting to me to reconnect with family and to meet and get to know my Cousin Kim Giuffrida’s beautiful, intelligent, poised and vivacious daughters.
Having breakfast with them this morning was a delight, and reminds me that I still have living family.

Back in LA. Yesterday was a looooong day. I have SO much to process, emotionally, intellectually and photography too. There are things I didn’t consider about this journey, and a big one of these was the lack of down time. I’ve spent a vast amount of the last 3 years alone and thinking. A road trip of this nature simply doesn’t allow for that. Camping, hiking and time spent in nature would normally provide time like this, but a hike on a mountain such as Whitney also require…s a great deal of prep, thought and action.

I’m exhausted. The twisting banked mountain roads and possibly the altitude made me terribly sick yesterday. We left at 8 and didn’t get back to LA until midnight. Driving LA,s freeways sick and exhausted at night was just surreal. Especially juxtaposed with the wild Jurassic beauty of the Sierras.

I’m gonna need to think. A lot. And spend a few hours alone.


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