The Desert Rocks Us


So we are in the middle of a completely wireless desert in the middle of a Navajo reservation, no towns, no gas stations, and a truck passes and kicks off a huge rock which smashes through our windshield directly in my dad’s face, shattering glass over us both and all the way into the back of the camper. Again, it’s 90 degrees out, we don’t have a place to camp, and now we need to lose a day to get the windshield repaired, stop whoever hacked the credit card, and our brains are fucking fried. Fucking fried.
Could have been worse. We both nearly shit ourselves, which in this heat…..


We got a new windshield the next day, and it didn’t hurt our schedule one bit. I’m relieved. The windshield was old and had tons of tiny spiderweb thin cracks, plus a chip near one corner. Replacing the whole thing only cost $90 more than fixing the chip. Oh, and the old one leaked in a hard rain.

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