How we started


We planned to travel by highway, driving the self-contained camper I bought in 2012 to travel with Diane. Our Roadtrek camper is a 19-foot conversion van. It contains two narrow beds eighteen inches apart, on opposite sides at the back. It has a generator, small refrigerator, propane stove, microwave, hot and cold running water, a toilet, a shower, a furnace, and an air conditioner. The microwave, air conditioner, and refrigerator all run on electricity from the built-in generator or outside (“shore”) power at an RV park. A shower curtain stows away inside the closet that holds the toilet and slides out on a track to form an enclosure in the center for a handheld shower, over a drain. We also used the curtain to divide the front from the back of the camper for privacy when dressing or using the toilet.

The central hallway is about two and a half feet wide by five and a half feet long. There are storage cabinets for food, utensils, and the amount of clothing and personal gear that would fit into two airplane carry-on bags. Other cabinets tucked away in various places hold tools, folding chairs, and so on. An inside fresh water tank carries 24 gallons of water, an outside tank holds 33 gallons, and two waste water tanks hold 10 and 20 gallons respectively.

The two of us had to be self-contained as well, and get along with each other for almost ten thousand miles.

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