Mirror Lake

A girl destined for a life of crises and calamities escaped to lead a fascinating, unconventional life, leaving unforgettable impacts on the people she met. Mirror Lake (memoir, 60,000 words) begins with Diane’s dysfunctional family, torn apart by her mother’s tuberculosis and her father’s inability to manage it. The chaos left her in foster care facilities and a Minnesota state home for “incorrigible” girls. After her unsuccessful first marriage, Diane married her childhood sweetheart, but later he developed schizophrenia and she left when she could no longer accept the risk of living with him.

Diane at Mirror Lake

Living in L. A., a high school dropout on AFDC, Diane realized she must change her life. That led to our meeting by chance at Mirror Lake in the California mountains. We fell in love, and spent the next fifty years together. I cared for Diane at home as dementia slowly destroyed her personality and health, and finally claimed her life. After she died, I set out with our surviving daughter Lauren on a six-week road trip to scatter Diane’s ashes where we met, rebuild my relationship to Lauren, reconnect with the past, and seek a new future.

Alzheimer’s dementia is trending now as our population ages and the number of patients and caregivers rises into the millions in this country. Mirror Lake is the first-hand account of a man and woman who lived it. No one else is as qualified to tell our story. It will appeal to multiple audiences, including caregivers and families of dementia patients, parents of ill children, feminists, and readers who simply love a tale of misadventure and redemption that carries them along with imperfect characters who make lots of mistakes and keep trying to do better.

Look for news about Mirror Lake as it moves through the publishing process.

For the complete story of Diane’s life—all the details of her mistakes, troubles, and tragedies—and her later reflections as a mature woman on what led her to them, follow Incorrigible as I prepare to publish it.